A collection of illustrations for various projects, featuring both client-led and personal works, and using a range of different techniques

An A3 magazine insert, designed to promote 3 joint-owned food venues (Island St Bar & Grill, Sailor Vs and The Winking Prawn) throughout the Salcombe Harbour area, UK.

Little Comet. A personal illustrated book.

Space. A very dark and mysterious place. Indeed, a very lonely place.

Filled with stars and galaxies, a million miles from reality.

And in the midst in all of this, a wondering one you may just miss.

This is our little comet.

Quite a shy little fellow, though. To shy to even say hello...

Mather & Robinson - In Time


An album cover illustration for folk band duo, Mather & Robinson. The songs contained within are inspired by historic events throughout history, and so I came up with the idea of an antiquated clockface with question marks in place of the usual times,  alluding to the brief foray through history.